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Halo semuanya! Kita dari staffAB ingin lebih dekat sama semua ABfamily disini. Seperti kata pepatah, “tak kenal maka tak sayang” , hehehe.. .di page ini boleh bicara, ngobrol, share (dan lain-lain, kekeke) sesukanya tapi tetep about BEAST ya~~ hehe… Boleh tanya2 juga kok, ga usah takut atau malu malu ya…

Yang jawab gak harus staffAB tapi para ABfamily lainnya boleh jawab pertanyaan yang ada 🙂 atau bisa dibilang ini sebagai page untuk bincang santai para B2UTY.

Let’s share more 😉

349 responses to “Q&A

  1. admin mau tanya dong, kalo mau liat update-an yang udah lama2 dr blog ini gimana caranya.. soalnya gak ada tombol next/previousnya..
    makasih admin

    • halo 🙂 maaf br dibalas komennya, kalo mau liat posting2 lama bisa klik link ‘blog’ yg ada di sebelah ‘home’ bagian kiri atas web ^^

  2. Min mau tanya dunk, yel_yel beauty yang selalu di ucapin pas lagu it’s not me. . ada liriknya gak min?!?

  3. Haloo semuaa..
    Mau minta tolong ni ama kalian semua..
    Malam ini bakalan ada mass vote untuk fandom battle
    Antara b2uty (beast) vs triple$ (ss501)
    K-b2uty minta tolong utk i-b2uty ikutan ngevote, krn skrg %-nya beda tipis… ayoo kita bntu voting… tlg sbrkan ke b2uty lain yaa .. ini voting unlimited.

  4. Hi, min… mau nanya nih, tahun ini B2ST bakal comeback gak? soalnya kngn bgt dgn oppa ganteng itu, trutama dgn Junhyung oppa…

  5. Min mau tanya donk lagu” ato nada” yg ada di burning beast showtime itu apa aja judulnya *sebanyak yg mimin tau aja* di balas yaa siapa aja yg tau penasaran banget nihh

  6. min , daftar mv yg ada di menu download yang terbaru dong jd biar aku ga usah nyari2 di youtube mv nya heheh
    thanks 🙂

  7. Hey guys, i don’t know where to ask and i think you are likely to answer me as member of the Beast fanbase 😉
    I heard about Beast comeback this fall, sure, they will release an album or a mini but do you know if they plan to do concerts ?
    More technical question, do you know if Beast (as other groups like Suju or BIGBANG) only sell their ticket concert on gmarket website…I mean, 2PM sell them on gmarket & other website as Interpark, … i wonder how Beast do.
    Thanks for advance for your answers !
    I think we will be more in contact, i didn’t know your website but it is very nice !
    I will follow you on FB !
    See you !!!

    • Hello there! Yes, as far as we know, BEAST are going to hold several concerts. There are Japanese arena tour and also some other concerts in Korea. Which one are you referring to? ^^
      And as far as we know.. BEAST sell their concert tickets through Interpark. As present, we are not aware of other sites yet..

      Thank you for following us and glad if we’re could be of any help ^^ see you too!

      • Thank you very much for your answer.
        I didn’t know about concert, i know a bit about their comeback ? Do you have further information about concert ? About the date ?
        I dream about seeing them. I will go to see their junior (BTOB) and i hope they will hold concert in korea before i leave…
        Thank you again !

      • Hello! Sorry for the uber late reply!
        erhyme : Presently, all that I know is that they’re going to have a comeback on the 20th. Although they are scheduled to have concerts, I’m not very sure of it.. maybe you can ask dreamboys1016 on Twitter, she’s an international fan who is living in Korea presently. I think she knows it better than us 🙂
        Sorry that we’re unable to help you this time T_T but really, we sincerely hope you will get to see them before you leave! All the best for you, fellow B2UTY! 🙂

  8. Thank you for your answer ! Complete as usual ! You are really doing a good job. Looking forward to reading you !

  9. hello. I just wanna ask where can i find HD PICS of every beast members full body in the same era?? i need it for a standee. thanks

    • hello there 🙂 officially, you can order it through cubee, but we’re not sure if they are still shipping worldwide or not. Or else, maybe you can try yesasia or trusted ol shops in your country.. 🙂

  10. hi! I’m new here. I’m actually from the Philippines and I just wanted to ask if this is actually the offical site of the kpop group beast. Cause i kept on looking at the google site of the official site of the group and it’s really hard to find.. XD and also if i’m going to send a package to them how much would it cost? That’s all. Hehe!

  11. HI! i found kikwang’s witch hunt episode but there isn’t any eng sub ! =( will someone kindly translate and add the subs ?

  12. hope u can help me… where can i find a full list of junhyung Fansite?
    and also can u tell me where can i buy junhyung photobook made from fansite? they ship to italy??? hope u can help me!
    Thanks for the help

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