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♣ Beast 1st mini album [B2ST IS THE BEST]

[1] Beast is the B2st
[2] Bad Girl
[3] Mystery
[4] Yet
[5] Oasis

♣ Beast 2nd mini album [SHOCK OF THE NEW ERA]

[1] Just Before Shock
[2] Shock
[3] Special
[4] Say No
[5] Easy

♣ Beast 3rd mini album [MASTERMIND]

[1] Mastermind
[2] Breathe/Soom
[3] V.I.U (Very Important U)
[4] Break Down
[5] Clenched a Tight Fist

♣ Beast 4th mini album [LIGHTS GO ON AGAIN]

[1] Lights Go On Again
[2] Beautiful
[3] I like You The Most
[4] Lightless
[5] I’m Sorry

♣ Beast 1st Full-Length Album [FICTION AND FACT]

[1] The Fact
[2] Fiction
[3] Back To You
[4] You
[5] Freeze
[6] Virus
[7] 불러보지만
[8] 비가 오는 날엔 (On Rainy Days)
[9] Lightless (unplugged version)
[10] Fiction (orchestra version)

♣ BEAST 1st Digital Single Album [MY STORY]

[1] When The Door Closed [Doojoon-Dongwoon]
[2] Thanks To [Junhyung-Yoseob]
[3] Let It Snow [Hyunseung-Kikwang]

♣ Beast 5th mini album [MIDNIGHT SUN]

[1] Midnight
[2] 아름다운 밤이야  (It’s A Beautiful Night)
[3] 내가 아니야 (Not Me)
[4] 니가 보고 싶어지면 (When I Miss You)
[5] 니가 쉬는 날 (The Day You Rest)
[6] Dream Girl

♣ Beast 2nd Full-Length Album [HARD TO LOVE, HOW TO LOVE]

[1] Intro
[2] Will You be Alright?
[3] I’m Sorry
[4] Shadow
[5] 너는 나빠 (You are Bad)
[6] How to Love
[7] Encore
[8] Be Alright

♣ Beast 6th mini album [GOOD LUCK]

[1] We Up
[2] Good Luck (title)
[3] Dance With You
[4] 이젠아니야 (No More)
[5] History
[6] 이밤 너의곁 으로
[7] Sad Movie (korean version)

♣ BEAST Special 7th Mini Album [Time]

[1] 12시 30분 (12:30)
[2] Drive
[3] 좋은 일이야 (It’s All Good)
[4] 눈을 감아도 (Close My Eyes)
[5] 가까이 (Stay)
[6] So Hot

♣ Beast 7th mini album [ORDINARY]

[1] Yey
[2] Gotta Go To Work (일하러 가야 돼)
[3] Suite Room (스위트 룸)
[4] See You There (그곳에서)
[5] Take It All (가져가)
[6] Oh Honey

♣ Beast 3rd Full-Length Album [HIGHLIGHT]

[1] Highlight
[2] Ribbon
[3] Butterfly
[4] Practicing
[5] When I..
[6] Curious
[7] Found You (Jun Hyung Solo)
[8] Baby It’s You (Du Jun & Gi Kwang Solo)
[9] Come Out (Yo Seob Solo)
[10] I’ll Give You My All (Dong Woon Solo)
[11] Good Night

♣ Digital Singles

[1] I Knew It / 이럴 줄 알았어
[2] Living Without You / 너 없이 사는 것도 (Junhyung’s Solo)
[4] In The Cloud (Dongwoon)
[3] Will You Be Alright
[4] I’m Sorry
[6] I Am A Man (Doojoon & Junhyung)

♣ Japanese Songs

[1] Shock! (Japanese Version)
[2] Bad Girl (Japanese Version)
[3] Midnight (Japanese Version)
[4] On Rainy Days (Japanese Version)
[5] Red & Black (CF)
[6] Caffeine (Japanese Version)
[7] Another Orion
[8] Shadow (Japanese Version)
[9] Sad Movie
[10] Christmas Carol
[11] Adrenaline
[12] B.I.B

♣ Trouble Maker (JS&Hyuna – Cube Ent Sub Unit Group)

[1] Trouble Maker
[2] 듣기싫은말 (The Words I Don’t Want to Hear)
[3] Time (feat. Rado)
[4] 아무렇치 않니

Yang Yoseob’s 1st Solo Mini Album : The First Collage

[1] Look At Me Now
[2] 카페인 (feat. Yong Junhyung of BEAST)
[3] 하던 대로 해
[4] 그래도 나는
[5] 그대는 모르죠

♣ Soundtracks

[1] Crazy
[2] Ready Go!
[3] Happy Birthday
[4] Loving U
[5] Because Of You
[6] I Cherish That Person
[7] No
[8] Dreaming
[9] Hateful Person

♣ Features & Collaborations

[1] Change – Hyuna feat. JUNHYUNG
[2] Heard ’em All (Amerie ft. 4MINUTE & BEAST’s Junhyung)
[3] What I Would Do If I Had a Lover [Yoseob ft. 4Minute’s Gayoon]
[4] I’ll Back off So You Can Live Better – G.NA feat. JUNHYUNG
[5] Love Is Pathetic (Ahn Jin Kyoung ft. BEAST’s Gikwang)
[6] Faddy Robot – Various Artists (with JUNHYUNG)
[7] Let’s Go (Various Artistes (Junhyung))
[8] Crazy Love (Young Jee ft. BEAST’s Junhyung)
[9] First Snow, First Kiss – Dalmation’s Drama & Beast’s YOSEOB
[10] Udon (Davichi’s Minkyung ft. BEAST’s Dongwoon)
[11] Go Back Again – Navi feat. JUNHYUNG
[12] Rainbow (Fukuyama Masaharu Remake)
[13] Heart Aching Story (Wheesung ft. BEAST’s Junhyung)
[14] Bon Apetit – Yangpa feat. DOOJOON
[15] Should I Hug or Not – Doojoon, Gikwang, Junhyung (from Shinsadong Tiger’s Project Album : Supermarket – The Half)
[16] Kidult – Eluphant feat. DOOJOON
[17] Silly Boy (015B ft + 4MINUTE & BEAST’s Yong Junhyung)
[18] A Bitter Day [HyunA Ft. Yong Junhyung & G.NA]
[19] Break Up [Brave Brothers ft. GIKWANG & Electro Boyz]
[20] Fly So High [U-CUBE : BEAST, 4Minute, G.NA]
[21] I Remember [Bang Yongguk ft. Yang Yoseob]
[22] Be Quiet [Kim Wansun ft. Junhyung]
[23] 촌스럽게 굴지마 (Don’t Act Foolish) [Ali ft. Junhyung]
[24] Love Day [Yoseob ft. APink’s Eunji]
[25] What I See [Prepix ft. Junhyung, Beenzino, & Esna]
[26] Good Boy (Baek Ji Young ft. BEAST’s Junhyung)
[27] Yesterday [Dynamic Black (BEAST’s Gikwang, 2AM’s Jinwoon, MBLAQ’s Lee Joon, Infinite’s Hoya, Teen Top’s L.Joe)]
[28] When I Get Paid [Prepix & Yoseob]
[29] You Got Some Nerve (BEAST’s Junhyung, EXID’s LE, Bigstar’s Feeldog)
[30] Perfume (BEAST’s Yoseob ft. Cube Girls)
[31] Christmas Song (Cube Artists)
[32] Smile Again [Ryu Hyun Jin ft. Trouble Maker & G.NA]
33] I Am, I Am Music (Mozart Musical OST) – Jang Hyunseung
34] I Hate You [Eru ft. Junhyung]
[35] She’s Bad [Natthew ft. Junhyung]
[36] 눈물나게 아름다운 (Tearfully Beautiful) – Dramatic Blue : Yoseob (BEAST), Jo Kwon (2AM), Niel (Teen Top), G.O (MBLAQ), & Woohyun (Infinite)

38 responses to “Lyrics

  1. Semuanya masih mini album




    *smg membantu 8D

  2. baby baby qute udah ada liriknya blum??? kalo ada tolong di update yah..di mbah google blum d soalnya..mian ngrepotin..and gomawo!!

  3. kak, aku minta lyric yng Yoseob ama Gayoon dunk….
    trus Yoseob yng : – The last time, Rise and fall, please…
    aku suka bbngt ama lagu itu…

    • annyeong ^^ kalo yg lagu the last time aku kurang tau itu lagunya siapa, tp kalo yg rise and fall seingetku itu lagunya sting, bisa kamu google kok 🙂

      selebihnya nanti dicari dulu ^__^

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