[PIC] 150513-24 Opera Singer Jo Sumi Twitter Updates (About Yoseob)

Click on the images to enlarge ^^

May 13 (From Yoseob’s Twitter)

Jo Sumi YS - May 13 photo 2_zps9bdkxzz7.jpg



May 14 (announcing new album in August, featuring Yoseob)

Jo Sumi YS - May 14 photo 1_zpssldbuyxl.png

May 17 (Mrs. Sumi Jo thanking “support_ys” for their support)

Jo Sumi YS - May 17 photo 3_zpsz26fjcga.jpg

May 24 (retweeting from Kpopstarz)

Jo Sumi YS - May 24 photo 4_zpsrvke55bh.jpg


Credits: Mrs. Jo Sumi’s Twitter, Yoseob’s Twitter ; shared & re-up by erhyme@alwaysbeast.com

Take out with full credits, thank you.


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