[PIC] 150401 Official – Gikwang at “Viktor & Rolf” 10th Anniversary Red Carpet

<> on April 1, 2015 in Seoul, South Korea. *click to enlarge
 photo lgk_viktoramprolf17_zpsspmi5i3h.jpeg  photo lgk_viktoramprolf18_zps7ycob0yy.jpeg  photo lgk_viktoramprolf23_zpszgipdrbg.jpeg
 photo lgk_viktoramprolf24_zpsipied5cr.jpeg  photo lgk_viktoramprolf22_zpsvimqbjzr.jpeg  photo lgk_viktoramprolf21_zpsqyg9vutx.jpeg
 photo lgk_viktoramprolf20_zpss0hnncho.jpeg  photo lgk_viktoramprolf16_zpsdmy6cfx1.jpeg  photo lgk_viktoramprolf14_zpskkzrumon.jpeg
 photo lgk_viktoramprolf17_zpssh7ueekq.jpg  photo lgk_viktoramprolf15_zpsw5fdguad.jpeg  photo lgk_viktoramprolf13_zps5mndo7b7.jpeg
 photo lgk_viktoramprolf4_zpsokyvhkpz.jpg  photo lgk_viktoramprolf12_zpsaltesmr6.jpeg  photo lgk_viktoramprolf10_zps7fskx4n8.jpeg
 photo lgk_viktoramprolf9_zpswfsukran.jpg  photo lgk_viktoramprolf3_zpswlyvtuby.jpg  photo lgk_viktoramprolf6_zpsypbzvpco.jpg
 photo lgk_viktoramprolf8_zpsqyiw19ck.jpg  photo lgk_viktoramprolf7_zpsogxvcc8m.jpg
 photo lgk_viktoramprolf5_zpsmdtl7hx3.jpg  photo lgk_viktoramprolf2_zpsbmhjroyl.jpg
 photo lgk_viktoramprolf11_zpsztdva6yx.jpeg  photo lgk_viktoramprolf19_zpsfzqduch5.jpeg
Credits: as tagged (source); reup&shared by mega@alwaysbeast.com


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