[VIDEO] 141226 Performance – BEAST on 2014 KBS Song Festival

Must Have Love (Opening All Artists)


Must Have Love (BEAST Cut)


Must Have Love/Opening BEAST Fancam


Teaser (With Other Artists)


Teaser VCR BEAST Cut


Hyunseung (Tough Cookie & Loyal)


Yoseob & Dongwoon Tribute To Shin Hae Chul Cut


EXO, BEAST, INFINITE Collab Stage (Tribute To Shin Hae Chul)


Red Carpet (1:24 onwards)


Good Luck + 12:30 Remix


Namjin Senior’s stage + All Artists (starting from 02:00, BEAST are at the veeeery back..)


Ending BEAST Cut

credits: KBSKpop, shu35150510, redchuckish0501, 두준아씨, namja1two4 (via @Hyunseunghips), SSTVNews, beast 비트윗@YT, jolly bee@DailyMotion; shared by erhyme@alwaysbeast.com


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