[OPINION] 141108 BEAST – “12:30” MV Review

What is left broken, broken forever.

erhyme’s note: I was pondering on whether to share this or no. There are many interpretations for this MV and I believe people have already wrote better review on this one, but please let me try ^^. I hope this review will be any use for you all and please forgive me for the grammatical mistakes^^


BEAST – 12:30

So we have reached the last week of 12:30 promotions. How do you feel about it? Do you feel that it’s too short, just like me? In this short amount of time left, let me share my opinion on what is 12:30 MV all about.

Seeing it for the first time, I thought : Wow, how melancholic! and you better not mess with Yoon Doojoon. Times and times watching it, in the midst of trying to raise the count of views, I began to rethink about the story line. There is this awesome review by bebebebeauty -nim and I’m actually very awed by it. It perfectly made me realize that I missed out many details on this one, maybe because I was dumbfounded by the ‘urin machiii~~’ part? Ah.. that could be. but I think it’s more because her review is very detailed and awesome. She even mentioned all the minutes and hour..also the backward flying snow.. she’s awesome.

Somewhere along the way, I started to notice some things and then I have this different view of the video. It all started with ‘I think it is not Dujun’s, but it’s the girl’s time that has stopped (thanks, GiBaek Producer-nim. You confirmed it already). What made me think so?

Let’s see it this way. That room with the giant clock, for once, is the place where the girl and Dujun existed together with peace or catastrophe. Either way, they existed together there. Let’s say we can call this place as ‘home’. But, inside that place, they only coincided, as in hugged, on 12:00.. When the long clock hand and short clock hand overlapped. Moving from then, they are always separated.

To me, Dujun is the long hand, not the short one. Why?

Because of his shoes. And the later happening in this video. Why the shoes? Well, we can see that from the beginning til the end, Dujun always wear that black loafers. However you see it, that kind of shoes is the type of shoes you use to go outside, not inside the room. So who wants to move outside? Who is moving? Dujun. Next, At first, the girl was wearing that white shoes.. I can’t really see clearly what kind of shoes was it, but it was definitely an outdoor shoes too. Then, did they go outside with that outfit? No.

They sat together inside the room. Dujun peeked at his pocket watch and the girl just sat by the desk, seeing Dujun and smiling, glancing awkwardly, before turning her face away. And so did Dujun.

As the story developed, they sat on the bed with their back facing each other. Not even a glance were being exchanged, they have grown even farther than before. It all eventually lead to the scene where they were both outside, but the girl ended up throwing her shoes to Dujun..

Even when she finally wore the dress matching to her shoes,

Even when her shoes finally matched with Dujun’s

Even when finally Dujun didn’t look out of place, when everything on himfits on it’s place.

Simply saying,  I think, that is a metaphor on how the girl doesn’t want to fit in Dujun’s world. Dujun’s world, the outside world. A place that they go to when they finally left that comfortable-but crumbling, trickling place called ‘home’. She doesn’t want to go outside (where Dujun can finally wear the clothes matching his shoes—metaphorically or not) and she  even said goodbye forever to Dujun (yes, symbolized by those flying shoes).

Next, when they appeared together again, it was at their ‘home’. They argued there. And even though both of them have worn the same, matching comfortable clothes again, this time the girl was wearing slippers. The sign that she’s not going outside, while Dujun was still wearing his loafers, the sign that he still wanted to go outside.

When everything fell apart like that free-falling large, long clock hand.. as a result of the escalating tension, Dujun who is frustrated finally shoved the girl away.. finally breaking her. Did he kill her? No.. he just broke her, like that shattering glass bottle that appeared out of nowhere. I don’t know why people assumed that she was killed.. but.. no. Well you’re not dead even when you’re broken in life, no? We’ve seen many examples of being broken while alive.. haven’t we? And that’s why.. the girl is alive, but broken. And Dujun is the very cause of it.

Even though the clock moves forward after that, nothing will be repaired, nothing will ever change. Why? Because everything is broken already, like that the burnt away chair. That chair, in my perspective, is a metaphor of ‘jari’. In Korean, jari means place, also chair.. as the chair got burnt, it meant the place got burnt too. They can’t sit on it anymore, they can’t return there anymore. What was broken, left broken forever.

Did all these happen because the girl refused to move out of their home, their comfort zone? Maybe. More like it’s because she didn’t want to follow Dujun’s way, but even knowing that, Dujun still want to keep her to his side. Possessive? Maybe.

Speaking of which, I was wondering on why did the girl doesn’t want to go out. What lies out there that made her refusing? This is not explicitly explained.. and this may not be the case either. Thinking about it, all I can see is that outside, there are BEAST , there was the drummer and his X background, bicycle, phone, and all sort of things.. also Dujun who dressed properly. She doesn’t want to go there? She doesn’t want to belong there? Is it because all of those things are not good? Is it because black, as in the color of Dujun’s shoes and clothes, symbolizes the bad things? Or is there something more? I don’t know.

(By the way.. actually this drummer-ssi really intrigues me. I really am wondering, even up until now, why does he have to be there? Some of my friends said that maybe he’s just a part of the ‘instrument’ in the video.. just a background, likely the same as Taejoo-ssi. That could be it. Is it just that? Or is there something else? Was his existance inspired by the movie ex drummer? (warning, that movie is nothing soft) does he implies bad things in the world? Did this MV was inspired by that movie’s storyline, as it’s storyline was being told backwards too? Or is there another meaning? Honestly, I dunno. But drummer-ssi can’t be there, taking up quite some portions of the mv without having significance at all)

So to conclude, that’s how I view this story. What a befitting MV for this song, actually. I think that’s just how BEAST’s MVs are lately, a story-reteller of the song. Beautifully made, beautifully presentable to the viewers and to BEAST themselves, I think. It’s really nice to have a beautiful treat like this on BEAST’s anniversary, yes? Although I’m still pondering on how should I see thi  anniversary (because it’s just too short..), I think it’s a good thing. I wish that this anniversary special event will bring smiles to BEAST’s face, also of course to B2UTY’s, which means ours, face.

And oh, a little treat! Is there any of you wondering what are those posters posted on the walls, just like me? Well, it happens that they are OBEY’s print poster. what is OBEY? you can google it yourself but in short, it’s a brand frequently used by Yoseob haha perhaps they are sponsor items 🙂

That’s all, thank you for reading.

Written by erhyme@alwaysbeast.com as a form of a little modification from what she wrote first in here


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