[PIC] 141012 Official – BEAST Special Mini 7th Album ‘TIME’ Jacket Image (Part 2)

 photo 10698557_903620856355866_4271211102298866935_n_zps60240bb7.jpg  photo 10700309_903621539689131_643651115238776918_o_zps4e5a67c6.jpg  photo 1801260_903621859689099_1681103442674709336_o_zps8055af2b.jpg
 photo 10338521_903622826355669_4978023503665111441_o_zps50047bfe.jpg  photo 10665777_903623336355618_6995429919263103142_n_zpsc09e3451.jpg  photo 10003326_903623929688892_2714474407879585042_n_zps48a45cb2.jpg
Credits: BEAST Official Facebook; reup&shared by mega@alwaysbeast.com
Please take out with full credits & do not hot link!


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