[NEWS] 130917 Get Ready for ‘TOUCH LOVE’ by BEAST

[ENG] After releasing their self produced 2nd full length album, <Hard To Love, How To Love>, B2ST, again, completes a pop song, “TOUCH LOVE”, as the title track for <TOUCH>, the 3D dance game. The filming of the MV for this song has already been completed.

“TOUCH LOVE” is fully composed by B2ST’s talented producer, Yong Junhyung. The whole song is based on elements such as ‘dance’, ‘upbeat’, and ‘pop’, which are the elements found in this game itself. Allegedly, the composing work done for this song was fairly easy for the 89-liner, Junhyung, as he himself has an interest towards electronic games himself and therefore is able to grasp the main points of the song well.

Apart from that, the filming for this MV also went on smoothly, mainly because the game’s theme background is similar to the filming area they used in Seoul. The MV’s filming was completed on the 12th of September. From some sources, we’ve heard that Junhyung will be playing the role of a really handsome DJ, and Hyunseung will show all his fans a sexy dance of his.

<TOUCH> is filled with all of the well-known Korean and Japanese pop songs, from idols like EXO, SNSD, DBSK and others. B2ST, as a part of Korea’s trending pop idols, and one of the most famous group throughout Asia, also has great crowds of fans from China, Japan, Korea and other countries.


[IND] Selepas merilis full album kedua gubahan mereka sendiri, ”Hard To Love, How To Love”, BEAST sekali lagi menghasilkan lagu pop baru, “TOUCH LOVE”. Lagu tersebut adalah lagu tema “TOUCH”, sebuah dance game 3D. Pengambilan gambar video musik lagu itu juga telah usai.

“TOUCH LOVE” sepenuhnya digubah oleh produser berbakat BEAST, Yong Junhyung. Lagu itu tersusun dari elemen-elemen seperti ‘dance’, ‘upbeat’, dan ‘pop’ yang bisa ditemukan dalam game itu sendiri. Dikabarkan, proses penggubahan lagu ini cukup mudah bagi pria kelahiran ’89 tersebut karena ia sendiri tertarik dengan gamegame elektronik. Ia dapat menangkap poin-poin terpenting dari lagu dengan baik.

Tak hanya itu, pengambilan gambar video musik lagu ini pun berjalan lancar. Ini terutama karena tema latar belakang game yang mirip dengan lokasi pengambilan gambar di Seoul. Pengambilan gambar usai pada 12 September lalu. Dari beberapa sumber, kami dengar Junhyung akan berperan sebagai seorang DJ yang sangat tampan dan Hyunseung akan menunjukkan tarian seksinya kepada para penggemar.

“TOUCH” berisikan lagu-lagu pop Korea dan Jepang yang terkenal, misalnya dari grup idola EXO, SNSD, DBSK, dan lainnya. BEAST, sebagai bagian dari idola pop yang terkenal dan sebagai salah satu grup paling terkenal se-Asia, juga memiliki begitu banyak penggemar di Cina, Jepang, Korea, dan negara-negara lainnya.

credits : Wumii, Chi-Eng trans by B2STera
shared & Indo trans by erhyme@alwaysbeast.com
picture credit goes to GKbaby_900330@twitter

may take out with full credits (include alwaysbeast.com)!


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