[INFO] 130715 BEAST’s 2nd Full-Length Album ‘Hard to Love, How to Love’ [+Tracklist]


[ENG] The official 2nd album equipped with BEAST’s speciality, emotional toughness!

After releasing the hit digital singles “Will You Be Alright” and “I’m Sorry” previewing their comeback in a year, BEAST is finally revealing their official second album [Hard to Love, How to Love]. 
BEAST held a guerrilla concert titled, “B2UTY GATHER” for the fans who have waited a long time for this new album release and,
The second title song “I’m Sorry” MV was filmed with the fans displaying their care for them.
And finally on July, after the release of the second album, BEAST’s solo concert ‘2013 BEAUTIFUL SHOW’ will have it’s first opening show finally reaching the highlight of the comeback project.
The new album [Hard to Love, How to Love] can be easily described with the words ‘All made by BEAST’.
From the music production to the visual concept, music video filming, art designs… every single area has been touched by the members of BEAST.
In particular, Yong Junhyung and Kim Taejoo who have been acknowledged as producers filling all of Korea with the scent of “Caffeine”, they had easily fulfilled composition and writing for the new album and rose to the top with their producer skills.
Title song “Shadow” is a song with a great, but lyrical mood and like the shadow that disappears when the light disappears.
The lyrics portraying the yearning heart of the male disappearing as his lover fades is important to note.
“Shadow” has sweet piano tune on top of a strong beat and the lyrical melody blends right in making the song good enough to pass as BEAST’s epic project. If BEAST’s natural ways show off in the music, visually, BEAST has been emphasized with the manliness to show off a new look of them. A whole great new scale, a set with a height of 7m, and secretive back drops add the weight and power of this new upcoming album. In addition, the character’s emotional changes after a break up has been portrayed to show even more sadness. The dance has been choreographed with power and momentum to continue the manliness found throughout the album.
Other than the title song “Shadow”, there are songs of many different genres like hip hop and electronic beats. “How to Love” and “Be Alright” have a smooth hip hop feel and “You are Bad” and “Encore” have a electronic rhythm.
Another album that will be BEAST’s masterpiece [Hard to Love, How to Love]
July, BEAST’s flight will begin!

Tracklist (all composition/lyrics/arrangement done by Yong Junhyung & Kim Taejoo):
1. Intro
2. Shadow (TITLE)
3. How to Love
4. Be Alright
5. I’m Sorry (RELEASED)
6. Will You Be Alright (RELEASED)
7. You Are Bad
8. Encore


[IND] Akhirnya setelah merilis dua lagu tahun ini, BEAST merilis full album kedua mereka (setelah Fiction & Fact) yang berjudul [Hard to Love, How to Love] !
Proyek untuk comeback BEAST yang telah dirancang Cube hampir menuju puncaknya yaitu Beautiful Show 2013 yang akan digelar pada tanggal 20-21 Juli nanti di Seoul! Tentang album baru mereka kali ini, bisa disebut “All Made by BEAST” atau “Semua dibuat oleh BEAST” karena dari produksi lagu, konsep visual, video klip, desain album… semua member BEAST ikut terlibat dalam pembuatannya!
Di Korea, Junhyung & Kim Taejoo sudah dikenal sebagai produser melalui salah satu karya mereka yaitu “Caffeine”. Nah mereka berdua inilah yang menulis dan memproduksi semua lagu di album kedua BEAST!
Lagu utama “Shadow” dideskripsikan sebagai lagu penuh perasaan ; seperti bayangan yang ikut hilang saat cahaya hilang. Yang perlu diingat, lirik dalam lagu ini menggambarkan kerinduan hati seorang pria yang menghilang saat kekasihnya pergi (terdengar galau….)
Perpaduan denting piano yang manis diatas ketukan musik yang kuat, serta lirik lagu yang puitis dalam “Shadow” membuat “Shadow” pantas disebut sebagai suatu proyek yang kereen banget (〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜 〜( ̄▽ ̄〜)
Dan fyi, kali ini BEAST akan comeback dengan imej “manly” mereka.. seperti yang dikatakan Cube “BEAST has been emphasized with the manliness to show off a new look of them“. dan “The dance has been choreographed with power and momentum to continue the manliness found throughout the album.” yang berarti dance dalam “Shadow” bakal manly abis XDD
Set video klip baru mereka yang setinggi 7m dengan latar yang masih rahasia menambah kekuatan BEAST dalam comeback album kedua mereka. Sebagai tambahan, perubahan emosional si karakter setelah berakhirnya hubungan mereka ditunjukkan untuk menambah rasa sedih (dan galau)=_=
Selain lagu utama “Shadow”, di dalam album kedua ini juga terdapat banyak aliran musik lain seperti hip-hop dan elektronik. “How to Love” dan “Be Alright” mempunyai feel Hip-Hop lembut, sedangkan “You Are Bad” dan “Encore” mempunyai feel musik elektronik di dalamnya.

Nah, ini dia judul-judul lagu dalam album kedua BEAST!
(Semua komposisi, lirik, dan aransemen oleh Yong Junhyung & Kim Taejoo)
1. Intro
2. Shadow (LAGU UTAMA)
3. How to Love
4. Be Alright
5. I’m Sorry (SUDAH DIRILIS)
6. Will You Be Alright (SUDAH DIRILIS)
7. You Are Bad
8. Encore

Yak..Siapa yang sudah nggak sabaaaar???! 😀

credits : cubeunited@twitter, kor – eng trans by YONGISM @ B2STRISING 
shared & Indo trans by mamalumimin@alwaysbeast.com
may take out with full credits (include alwaysbeast.com)!


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